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How does a local artist get on KCTI AM 1450?
     KCTI AM 1450 does play local artists on the air, if the song they wish played is of comparable quality (in our opinion) with the rest of the songs we play, and if we are given a copy of the song on Audio CD and the performance rights thereof. We define local artists as those who regularly perform at major venue's in our signal area.
     If you have a song you would like considered, send us a copy on audio CD to the business offices, or take it by the business office. KCTI AM 1450 management reserves the right to accept or reject the song(s) for air play and the frequency it might get air play solely at our discretion, and will not accept any consideration for playing it beyond the artists thanks and statements that the song is being played by KCTI AM 1450 (if it is added to the rotations). KCTI AM 1450 is committed  to helping local artists to become better known in the hopes that they, too, might be discovered and become a major star. We may be the only country radio station in the region that does play local artists on the air during the day.


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